In cooperation with donaufestival and Artistic Bokeh.

Tuesday 21.04.2015
8 hours
Artistic Technology Lab
University of Applied Arts
Expositur Gigergasse
Wien Mitte E02 B (Second Floor)
A-1030 Vienna, Austria
+43(1)71133 3546
75€ (=material costs)

LIMEN is a workshop about data traffic and wireless telecommunication. Participants will construct an analogue and portable device able to amplify electromagnetic activity produced by Bluetooth data transfer, WLAN, mobile phones, GPS, microwaves, and several other electronic devices into audible ranges.

During the workshop topics related to non-regulated traffic, vulnerability, data transfer interruption, obstruction, and sniffing will be discussed.

About the device

LIMEN is an electronic device designed by to de-codify electromagnetic pollution produced by wireless networks; an analogue and battery-operated receiver based on AD8313 IC able to amplify and demodulate frequency ranges between 0.1 GHz to 2.5 GHz produced by wireless networks.

LIMEN amplifies and demodulates electromagnetic activity into audible ranges, exposing the high frequency ranges produced by the overuse of wireless devices in contemporary societies. uses this electromagnetic pollution as an impulse to modify the acoustic space with audio-visual performances, printed matter, lathe cut vinyl in different formats, objects, publications, and pedagogical strategies. Several experiments have been generated in the process, ranging from the amplification of electromagnetic activity produced by wireless cameras attached to a balloon to the amplification of microwaves, computer-based applications to visualise data traffic, and public performances.

About ://R

://R is a research platform operating in Berlin and Mexico City that explores topics of molecular irritation, data corruption, propaganda, design, hidden signals amplification, and psychoacoustics; an ongoing collaboration between Mario de Vega (MX/DE) and Victor Mazón Gardoqui (ES/DE) involving the development, design, and production of electronic devices, collective actions, pedagogy, documentation, and publications in different formats.

://R electronic devices are focused on the amplification and materialisation of electromagnetic activity and high frequency pollution produced by the overuse of wireless devices in contemporary societies. Amongst other activities, ://R have designed and produced electronic devices to amplify electromagnetic pollution generated by wireless networks, mobile phones, WIFI, Bluetooth data transfer, microwaves, GPS, and several other devices.

Mario de Vega

Born in Mexico City, lives and works in Berlin and Mexico City. Through actions, accidents, and results with a conceptual connection to acoustic perception, his work researches the value of vulnerability, fragility, and indetermination. He has performed live and exhibited his work in various platforms in Mexico, South Africa, India, Canada, Russia, Korea, Japan, United States, and all over Europe.

Victor Mazón Gardoqui

Born in Spain, lives and works in Berlin and Cantabria. Mazón Gardoqui studied Fine Arts at the University of Basque Country, specializing in Lithography and Engraving. Since 1999 he has been involved with experimental tactics and techniques for media agitation through the use of sound, light and custom electronics.

His works have been performed or exhibited in museums, galleries, billboards, urban screens and public TV/radio stations in Africa, Russia, Nepal, North America, Canada Mexico and numerous locations across Europe.

Participants can of course keep the LIMEN device and additionally get a half-price ticket to donaufestival. This project is supported by the FWF science communication programme (FWF WissKomm).