Experiments in Art and Value (Sept. 2014)
in: Runway Australian Experimental Arts, Issue #26: Money
Book "Out Of the Box: 10 Questions about Artistic Research" (Dec. 2013)
Features text, an interview with Matthias Tarasiewicz and photography as well as other documentation about the exhibition and the ongoing research.
ISBN-10: 3200033827 ISBN-13: 978-3200033825
Publication in SHARE: Handbook for Artistic Research Education (Nov.2013)
Tarasiewicz, Matthias, 2013. Artistic Technology Research, in Wilson, M., Van Ruiten, S., SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education
ISBN 978-90-810357-0-5
Tarasiewicz, Matthias and Newman, Andrew, 2013. Experimental Cultures and Epistemic Spaces in Artistic Research
in Cleland, K., Fisher, L. & Harley, R. (2013); Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney.
Collaboration: Transmediale 2013 / Aarhus University: “A Peer Reviewed Newspaper for BWPWAP” (Jan. 2013)
Tarasiewicz, Matthias, 2013. »Artistic Technology Research« as [dispositif] and synergetic discipline for the agency of research and development in next (media) cultures, Transmediale Berlin & Aarhus University Denmark ISSN: 2245-7593 (PRINT)
Artistic Technology Research (World of the News Vol.01)
peer-reviewed newspaper for in/compatible research, transmediale 2k+12, Berlin 2012
Coded Cultures – New Creative Practices out of Diversity
ISBN-10: 3709104572 | ISBN-13: 978-3709104576, Edition Angewandte Springer Wien New York (2011)