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KICK OFF Event / Apertus AXIOM: The first Open Source professional cinema camera
* 2015 *
2015/Mar/26Kick Off Event Apertus AXIOM: the first open source professional cinema camera (project presentation at the AIL - Angewandte Innovation Lab) featuring Artistic Technology Research.
2015/Mar/13Technopolitics Salon with Matthias Tarasiewicz Cryptocurrencies as Experimental Systems: bitcoin and altcoins between tech-utopia, playful experiments and real markets
2015/Feb/7Josh Harle: Tactical Space Lab. Opening in the Artistic Bokeh Showroom, MuseumsQuartier Vienna. (exhibition running until 14.5.2015
2015/Jan/30"Capturing Experimental Research Cultures", talk at transmediale Berlin with Josh Harle, Margarete Jahrmann, Andrew Newman, Teresa Dillon, Matthias Tarasiewicz
2015/Jan/01Artist in Residence: Josh Harle (AUS)
* 2014 *
2014/Nov/21Runway Australian Experimental Arts #26 Knowledge launch, edited by Andrew Newman
2014/Nov/21Jai McKenzie: 'Never Forever' at MuseumsQuartier Vienna (exhibition from 22.November 2014 until february 20th 2015)
2014/Nov/01Artist in Residence: Jai McKenzie (AUS)
2014/Sept/24Apertus AXIOM Open Source Cinema Lab at the Artistic Bokeh Exhibition Booth, MuseumsQuartier Vienna (exhibition from 25.9. to 10.11.2014)
2014/Aug/20Radical Utopia? La Revolution urbaine - Exhibition and showcase of derive magazine and urbanize festival at the Artistic Bokeh Exhibition Booth, MuseumsQuartier Vienna
2014/Jul/03Urban Knights Vienna at “das Packhaus” with Teresa Dillon [IRL/DE], Paradocks [AT], Hans Bernhard, UBERMORGEN [AT] and Theresa Schutz [AT]
2014/Jun/01Artist in Residence: Teresa Dillon (IRL)
2014/May/01Artist in Residence: Dušan Barok
2014/Feb/27 »TOO MUCH MONEY...« Installation: Artistic Bokeh, Georgios Papadopoulos, Société Réaliste; Eröffnung: Do 27.02, 19h, Raum D / MuseumsQuartier Wien / mit Screening von Carsten Liseckis Film "Art Accounts Deutsche Bank (2008)"
Ausstellung 27.02. bis 31.05., täglich 10-22h /quartier21
2014/Feb Artist In Residence: Georgios Papadopoulos
2014/Jan/26 »Faceless« at Mediamatic Amsterdam; Collaboration and Sub-curation.
Mediamatic. VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG Oostenburg Amsterdam. Open from 26 January to 13 April 2014
2014/Jan Artist In Residence: Paolo Cirio
2014/Dec »Faceless« at Mediamatic Amsterdam; Collaboration and Sub-curation.
Mediamatic. VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG Oostenburg Amsterdam. Open from 26 January to 13 April 2014
* 2013 *
2013/Nov/30Talk/Presentation: Artistic Technology Research (Andrew Newman, Addie Wagenknecht, Matthias Tarasiewicz)
Sa, 30.11.2013, 16:00 Uhr / MAK
2013/Nov/28Opening: Think Out Of The Box - Exhibition at MAK with Artistic Technology Research
28.11.2013 19:00 MAK / Museum für Angewandte Kunst
2013/Nov/21Vienna Art Week 2013 Performance mit Andrew Newman: The Old in out in out«
21.11.2013 - 17:00, MuseumsQuartier Vienna, faceless exhibition //
2013/Nov/20Vienna Art Week 2013 Panel Discussion: “community currencies, cryptocurrencies and alternative economies in art and society” 20.11.2013 - 18:00 MQ, quartier21, Room D
2013/Nov/19Vienna Art Week 2013 Präsentation: »Angewandte Eigenart: Positionen und Diskurse künstlerischer Forschung«
19.11.2013 - 18:00 MQ, quartier21, Raum D
2013/Nov/7BitcoinCloud at the "Autonomies" Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina, Serbia
(7th – 28th November 2013)
2013/NovArtistic Bokeh Showroom MQ // Tetsuya Umeda: Project A
public installation in november
2013/Sept/27Opening: Exhibition 'Faceless Part II' in MuseumsQuartier Wien in cooperation with Artistic Bokeh and Artistic Technology Research
Exhibition from 28.09. to 24.11.2013
2013/Jul/3Opening: The Culture of Surveillance and the Poetics of Observation Technologies / Artistic Bokeh Showroom MQ
2013/JulCooperation with Addie Wagenknecht and Stefan Hechenberger: Surveillance Documentation - >Asymmetric Love Nr. 2<
2013/Jul/3Opening: Exhibition 'Faceless' in MuseumsQuartier Wien (Folder Download)
2013/Jul/1Artist in Residence: Andrew Newman
2013/Jun/28Art and Science Jour Fixe: Matthias Tarasiewicz, Mirko Tobias Schäfer: "Novel Approaches of Research in the Arts and the Humanities"
2013/Jun/6Artistic Technology Research Panel, ISEA 2013 Sydney (Organisation: Andrew Newman, Matthias Tarasiewicz)
2013/Mai/5MIT Media in Transition 8: public media, private media, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
2013/Apr/27THE-MERZ-WORLD-NEW-CONSTRUCTION PART II: Black Sea Washing Machine (metamorphosis), 19:00 donaufestival Krems, Austria
2013/Mar/6A personal view on Artistic Research projects of the University of Applied Arts, Meetup/Presentation
MuseumsQuartier Wien
2013/Feb/01Meeting: European Media Arts Cluster, EMAC (@transmediale Berlin, Deutschland)
2013/Jan/29Transmediale Berlin 2013: Back When Pluto Was A Planet, launch: A PEER-REVIEWED NEWSPAPER ABOUT #BWPWAP VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1
* 2012 *
2012/Nov/22Researching BWPWAP, @transmediale Lüneburg, Germany // A PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ABOUT
2012/Nov/20Mapping Artistic Technology, 18:00 MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Austria (im Rahmen der Vienna Art Week)
2012/Nov/19meet, 19:00 Metalab Vienna, Austria (Diskussionsveranstaltung und Präsentation)
2012/Nov/20Opening: Artistic Bokeh Display, 20:00 quartier21/ MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Artistic Bokeh Display, Austria (laufende Ausstellung)
2012/Nov/13Artistic Technology Colloquium #1 Bernd Kräftner, Matthias Tarasiewicz, Lorenz Seidler, Roman Kirschner, and Mirko T. Schäfer
2012/Nov/9Netzkulturdiskussion / Metalab: Radikale Netzkulturen - @Metalab Vienna
2012/Nov/1Artists-In-Residence: SETUP.NL - Ryanne Turenhout, Frank-Jan van Lunteren, Tijmen Schep, Danielle de Jonge, Max Laane
2012/Okt/5Kooperation: Ur3anize! Internationales Festival für urbane Erkundungen
2012/Okt/1Artist-In-Residence: Mirko Tobias Schäfer
2012/Aug/21IFK Sommerakademie: Das Experiment in Kunst und Wissenschaft - Teilnahme am Kolloquium (Matthias Tarasiewicz)
2012/Jul/6Miasma: Call for Reduction // Dokumentation als Methode, Meta-Narrationen und Medienkonvergenz (Projekt), Ankerfabrik Expedithalle Wien
2012/Jul/1Eröffnung des Artistic Technology Research Labs, Vordere Zollamtstraße 3, Universität für Angewandte Kunst Wien
2012/Mai/12Transmediale 2012: Incompatible Research / Trial Crack; Dokumentation, Diskussion und Videointerviews (Georgios Papadopoulos, Pit Schulz, Post Media Lab)
2012/Feb/1Präsentation und Keynote: Artistic Technology Research, Curatorial Studies & Critical Media Arts (Soundframe Festival), MAK Wien
2012/Feb/29Transmediale 2012: Panel "Subcuratorship"; Presentation "Artistic Technology Research", Participation: Journal for In/Compatible Research
Faceless at Mediamatic
VOC-kade 10, 1018 LG Oostenburg Amsterdam. Open from 26 January to 13 April 2014
28.11.2013: Out Of the Box / Ausstellung MAK
photos, press and catalog
7.-28.11.2013: BitcoinCloud in Novi Sad / Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina
Faceless Part #2 in cooperation with Artistic Bokeh and Artistic Technology Research. MuseumsQuartier Vienna
KATSU: STATUS UPDATE. in Artistic Bokeh Showroom, MuseumsQuartier Vienna
Faceless Part #1 in cooperation with Artistic Bokeh and Artistic Technology Research. MuseumsQuartier Vienna
Wagenknecht/Hechenberger: "Asymmetric Love #2" in cooperation with artistic bokeh
ArtisticBokeh: Surveillance Documentation (bis 24.11.2013, MuseumsQuartier Wien)
Experiments in Art and Value: Burning Bitcoin to buy Ai Weiwei (Sept. 2014)
in: Runway Australian Experimental Arts, Issue #26: Money
Book "Out Of the Box: 10 Questions about Artistic Research" (Dec. 2013)
Features text, an interview with Matthias Tarasiewicz and photography as well as other documentation about the exhibition and the ongoing research.
ISBN-10: 3200033827 ISBN-13: 978-3200033825
Publication in SHARE: Handbook for Artistic Research Education (Nov.2013)
Tarasiewicz, Matthias, 2013. Artistic Technology Research, in Wilson, M., Van Ruiten, S., SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education
ISBN 978-90-810357-0-5
Tarasiewicz, Matthias and Newman, Andrew, 2013. Experimental Cultures and Epistemic Spaces in Artistic Research
in Cleland, K., Fisher, L. & Harley, R. (2013); Proceedings of the 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, ISEA2013, Sydney.
Collaboration: Transmediale 2013 / Aarhus University: “A Peer Reviewed Newspaper for BWPWAP” (Jan. 2013)
Tarasiewicz, Matthias, 2013. »Artistic Technology Research« as [dispositif] and synergetic discipline for the agency of research and development in next (media) cultures, Transmediale Berlin & Aarhus University Denmark ISSN: 2245-7593 (PRINT)
Artistic Technology Research (World of the News Vol.01)
peer-reviewed newspaper for in/compatible research, transmediale 2k+12, Berlin 2012
Coded Cultures – New Creative Practices out of Diversity
ISBN-10: 3709104572 | ISBN-13: 978-3709104576, Edition Angewandte Springer Wien New York (2011)
Artistic Technology Research /// Projektlead: Matthias Tarasiewicz /// Team: Max Gurresch, Simon Repp, Andrew Newman, Astrid Exner, Mirko Tobias Schaefer /// Künstlerkooperationen: Addie Wagenknecht (US), Paolo Cirio (IT/US), Bogomir Doringer (SRB), KATSU (US), Prayas Abhinav (IN), Fran Ilich (MX), Damian Stewart (NZ), Georgios Papadopoulos (GR), u.a.